To be successful in ‘YOUR year’ and YOUR life, mastering personal development will not be optional. Hire an experienced professional to support your process.

Emotional ♦ Spiritual ♦ Mental ♦ Relational ♦  Social ♦ Professional

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Intuitive, Behaviorist, Author, Philosopher.  Passionate about the personal freedom, joy and elevation of Humanity ~ ❤

“You can do it” has become motivational cliché.  I assist clients to discover, feel and find… HOW.

Heart Advocate Coach Counseling is to:  

HACC  through – Emotional roadblocks of personal/social/relational anxieties and fears to reclaim your inner freedom and sanctum.

HACC  through – Relationship conflict, divorce and family issues to establish healthy boundaries, understanding and enjoy happier interactions.

HACC through – Limiting mental mindsets, thought patterns and negative beliefs to achieve the clarity that aligns with your heart’s desires creating a fulfilling life experience.

HACC through – Uncertainty and doubts about career endeavor, job loss and life purpose to realize the direction and greater opportunities intended for you.

“Unique and accurate life coaching that’s beyond talk and intellectual analysis. Clients receive insightful ‘HOW TO’ answers that support them to realistic and sustainable breakthrough”

As a Heart Advocate Coach Counselor  (HACC), I provide a down to earth, relatable, and safe environment for you to open up and share. I have a natural ability to identify and connect with people of all ages and experiences. Feeling at ease, hopeful and elevated is what you will experience and my style and modality is unlike other counseling you may have submitted to previously.  I don’t pick people’s brains or analysis paralysis but support you getting to the very Heart of the matter.

‘One size does NOT fit all’.  I’m that person who stands between society’s lies and people’s Truth. An advocate that supports people to detach from what keeps them attached to ‘philosophies’ and false ideas that continue to reproduce unhealthy relational patterns. I use my personal experience, education and expertise to bring balance of the human condition with the powerful Heart humans were born to thrive from. I address an array of issues on many levels from just needing the right thought supporting you to a place of focus, personal awareness and insight to deeper emotional and spiritual healing needed to achieve sustainable results you’re after.

Diamond Dawning is unconventional coaching to help you break free from societal conditioning, family-based patterns, fears, limiting beliefs and victimized thinking that prevent you from living your optimum experience. My approach for clients is deeper self-discovery, healing, heart-based living yielding sustained contentment and peace.  You will not only experience renewed life balance but shift into the place of abundant self love, clarity and renewed vitality.

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*Dawn Schale offers sessions in person pending your location, via phone, Skype or social media live calls.