About Dawn

Life. Is. People.  It’s always been about your whole state of being and from this, emerges magnificent ‘doing’.

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“It’s time to lay fear down and rise into the individual expression you were born for and live the thriving life you were created to experience”

Dawn Schale is first a woman of vision and purpose possessing passionate desire for humanity’s higher good. Since she was born at sunrise her father felt to name her Dawn.  In her early 20’s someone said her name meant entrance of light and it stuck later to realize it was destined to be her purpose. Dawn is accomplished of many professional industries including more than twenty-five years in a corporate environment which provided a large contributing factor to her philosophy about life purpose, working career and calling.  She has been a Certified Life Coach since 2010 accomplishing her life’s purpose and is committed to a lifestyle of personal development and continuing education.

Dawn is a survivor of tumultuous upbringing as an only child and triumphant over egregious circumstances that would have left most permanently disabled in many ways. Her natural born understanding of human behavior and inherent knowing that life was meant for more resulted in overcoming enormous challenges of emotional and mental abuse. She has a profound ‘inner life’ perspective and keen insight into the Heart of the matter that provides a unique and rare understanding of interpersonal relationships and dynamics.

Dawn possesses a depth of understanding of human nature and an unusual awareness of the expressions that people regularly speak, as language and behavior reveals what people truly believe. It’s the core belief system and mindsets driven by such, that ultimately direct people to the choices and decisions they make. “Out of the abundance of the Heart, the mouth speaks”.

Dawn applies acquired practical psychology, life’s wisdom and intuition blended with a balance of spiritual and energetic practice at a heart level. She goes way beyond “you can do it” motivational speak and reaches intuitively into each individual’s Heart helping them redefine, reclaim and emerge a new life.

Dawn resides in Hunterdon County, New Jersey of which she discovered her ancestors on her mother’s side helped pioneer back in the late 1800’s.  She proudly resides on ancestry soil. 

“It’s within the Heart that all things originate and from the Heart humans were designed and created to live and thrive”.

"Sometimes the greatest pain is not circumstances themselves but the negative mindset that has been attached to them. Security is found in many obscure things and letting go may be a challenge but humans were brought to this planet for freedom and Joy." 

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