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Tune in to expand your thinking and elevate your way of being! Dawn discusses insights and wisdom acquired thriving through her own healing and the plentiful experiences resulting. Raising people’s vibration to a higher frequency in a very down to earth, relatable way. You will learn about societally conditioned mindsets, lies people have been taught to accept and unproductive religious/spiritual beliefs that hinder personal freedom. She discusses overcoming challenges in all relational areas. Maintaining joy, alignment & light Heartedness in a heavy world. You will resonate with these every day topics and discover how to shift and rise into the independent power you’re intended. Some serious, some fun but always engaging!
Tuesday 5.11.21 ~ Episode 30: ‘Shameless Heart based living’. Cultural shame and why people don’t open up. A masked up society. Attachment is need for identity. It’s only a risk when you fear loss. Relational transactions versus real connections. Coming clean to experience purity. Personal freedom has little fear of loss and much more !!
Thursday 5.6.21 ~ Episode 29: ‘Victims, Boundaries & Balance’: Unaware victimization. Excuses are no excuse. Healthy boundaries across the board. Taking risks are acts of love. Spontaneous flow and stories.  Background voice versus noise. Character shows up response-ably and much more !!
Tuesday 5.4.21 ~ Episode 28: ‘Communication and Confrontation: Understanding the difference as BOTH being good and necessary’. Why people confuse confrontation and communication. Clear the fear shakes. Wounds block perspective. When to keep trying and when to let go.  More unconditional sludge layers. Communication is the healthy foundation. Using your voice. Willingness to nurture and grow and much more !!
Thursday 4.29.21 ~ Episode 27: Are you paying: Achtung.. attenzione.. atención..attention? What in the world is going on?  The messages and messengers that break language and emotional barriers. Life as a drudgery. Going through to get to. Welcome, allow, accept. Peace, ease and joy is how you know and much more !!
Tuesday 4.27.21 ~ Episode 26: ‘You already have all the power you WANT’. What do YOU want?  You have a choice in everything that comes your way. Energy versus feelings. Extreme emotions are invitations to heal. Fight or flight. You’re not stuck, it’s old energy trying to clear out. Shame is the culprit. Stop ripping yourself off. Centered alignment is the answer and much more !! 
Wednesday 4.21.21 ~ Episode 25: ‘Deceptive legalistic love: Detaching from toxic religion’ with special guest, Kerry Beard. Kerry was on the board of directors at one point who discovered his own individuality no longer fit in with the rules and regs. He shares his story here and he came close to a preaching license but escaped just in time. How religion denies people to be their own person and live free as is spoken but people rarely achieve. The cluster jam of ‘making God happy’. Independent choices, experiences and thinking for yourself is heresy. Why people insist unbelievers go to hell. Human natural desire for God consciousness. Grieving it all out on the journey to freedom and much more!!  
Tuesday 4.20.21 ~ Episode 24: ‘Getting “you must be perfect” out of everyone’s psyche’. Why people feel they’re not perfect. Systematic societal conditioning. Discipline of doing stole individual being. Proudly aggrandizing victorious victimization. You didn’t start it, but now you have to finish it. Pain and willingness is GOOD. It’s not them, it’s you. Excellence versus perfection. Perfectly imperfect and much more!!
Thursday 4.15.21 ~ Episode 23: ‘Living as a grounded Empath, HSP, Seer or Lightworker in 2021’, Part 2 of 2: You don’t want to miss this one! Your energy matters. Being kind doesn’t equal pushover. Keeping peace in a chaotic/anxious charged world. You’re not supposed to take everything on or fix everyone. Self-protection versus armored up. Compassion vs. co-dependency. Seeing into people is sacred, not for manipulation. Empathy and intuition isn’t a weapon. Separating your stuff from other’s emotions. Don’t compensate where others don’t contribute, balance. Your discernment crew. Guilt free empowered empathy and much more!
Tuesday 4.13.21 ~ Episode 22: ‘Living as a grounded Empath, HSP, Seer or Lightworker in 2021’, Part 1 of 2: Don’t rule this out! What is the real deal? Wired for love/compassion, when others won’t. You might be an empath and don’t know it. “Healers” that need healing. Boundaries. What Karma really is and what it isn’t. Being kind doesn’t equal pushover. Keeping your peace in a chaotic/anxious charged world. Seeing into people is sacred, not a manipulation tactic. Energy intuition isn’t a weapon. Don’t compensate where others don’t contribute, balance. And much more !!   
Thursday 4.8.21 ~ Episode 21: ‘Self-love or narcissism? Blazing through the quackery with CLARITY’. Confidence isn’t arrogant. Healthy love openly communicates. Self-absorbed energy vampires. Zodiac sign lame excuses. Loved people love others and care. Narcissism has nothing to do with physical appearance. “Caring” isn’t controlling. Narcs don’t value connections, it’s fueled by attention. Love isn’t confusing. Self love is better than self loathing. “Good people” own their mishaps, narcs blame shift/dodge. Juicy stories. Loved people get attention but vibe it right back to others and more !!
Tuesday 4.6.21 ~ Episode 20: ‘Neglected wounding and insecurity produces male warlocks and female witchery’. Ego centricity dismisses growth and behaves with shifty energy.  Excuses for not doing personal work. You think you have time, age embeds the dynamic. Assumption, speculation and conclusion drawing without communication is an exit sign. “Set in their ways” and “personality conflict” are fear based conditioned falsehoods. Healthy humans are relationally healthy.  Rising to divine masculine and feminine energy and more !!
Thursday 4.1.21 ~ Episode 19: Religion – the fear embalmed enemy of real spirituality, Part 4: Leaving religion into Loving liberation. Tying up my personal story. Humans want power, something greater than themselves. People hate the God narrative, not God. Believing something doesn’t mean it’s truth.  How fear filled toxic religious beliefs affect family and relationships. Unconditional sludge.  Resentful forgiveness. Language of love versus the BEING of love. My experience in Bali, Indonesia. Humanity of the world is loved beyond measure and ending with –  It. Is. Finished!    
Wednesday 3.31.21 ~ Episode 18: Religion – the fear embalmed enemy of real spirituality, Part 3: Dave, a former pastor, shares his experience. Jezebel Part 2, control. Conformity versus community. Babies born bad sinners? Anointing junkies, new age parlor tricks, rituals and things. Going from one system to another. Human’s core search for real identity. Divine Source/God/Love/Universe resides in all of humanity and much more !!
Tuesday 3.30.21 ~ Episode 17: Religion – the fear embalmed enemy of real spirituality, Part 2: Co-dependent spirituality versus consistent guilt free Love. Where is consistent LOVE of this God you teach? If parents are supposed to be safe so is God, the creator. Spiritual control and jezebel part 1. Guilt ensnares. People need praise. Humans that need hope and healing feel confused, unworthy and relationally insecure. You can’t be true to you while being told what and what not to DO. The human race IS holy and sacred and more !!
Monday 3.29.21 ~ Episode 16: Religion – the fear embalmed enemy of real spirituality, Part 1: I share my spiritual story and where it all began.  Natural human spiritual desire. Pain and suffering. God without religion or was it?  Fun times without sin, while sinning.  Works, legalism and wounded people trying to get approval through the church and it’s people. The charismatic movement and language no one outside could understand. Dying to yourself and taking your identity with it. Self love left out of the mix & so much more. To be continued in Part 2 !!
Thursday 3.25.21 ~ Episode 15: Part 2 of 2: Healthy relating vs Dysfunctional relating, Part 2 – Gifts, picking up checks and doing nice gestures are appreciated but love is primarily expressed through consistent behavior and respect.  Follow through. Growth is part of the relationship package. Ghosting and the silent treatment is a form of abuse. Addressing the clichés such as “life got in the way” and spiritual phrases people use to get by. Sustaining healthy relationships require conscious effort & more!!
Tuesday 3.23.21 ~ Episode 14: Part 1 of 2: Healthy relating vs. Dysfunctional relating, Part 1 – Why people are well intended and love on some level but their behavior and energy doesn’t add up. Gifts, picking up checks and doing nice gestures are appreciated but love is primarily expressed through consistent behavior and respect. Holding space for another. Healthy need versus neediness. Follow through. Growth is part of the relationship package. Ghosting. Addressing the clichés such as “life got in the way”.  Sustaining healthy relationships require conscious effort & more!!
Thursday 3.18.21 ~ Episode 13: Staying fresh and relevant in a conditioned and stagnant influenced society.  I discussed how people wait for or expect a life event, friend or new love to come and sustain their happiness in life when they themselves have the power.  Carrying old energies into new days don’t produce new experiences. Something outside coming to you would be easier than discovering it within you but then it reduces you if it leaves. The reward is what you identify, claim and own can never be taken away. Daily Joy is very real and possible.. and more !!
Tuesday 3.16.21 ~ Episode 12: So you want an upgrade? I went with the flow on this one discussing what is required for experiencing upgrades in different areas of life.  It doesn’t fall into your lap but is within you not who’s around you to make it happen. Changing scenery, jobs, partners, friends isn’t the answer but a personal reflection and discipline to transformation. Every Heart has magic, meant to impact your sphere around you and more! 
Thursday 3.11.21 ~ Episode 11: Out of control trying to get control? Pt. 3 – Personal present experience & other relational dynamics. I discuss my observation of control through the years and my own personal experience with it currently.  Kind good people aren’t pushovers. Why personality conflict is a myth and the societal conditioning that’s contributed to manipulative controlling behavior. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries & deciphering the spirit of a person. Humility is always the win. How to detach and live free from control and more !!
Tuesday 3.9.21 ~ Episode 10: Out of control trying to get control? Pt. 2 – Anxiety and relational story telling. Since this is a very extensive topic I’m breaking it up into parts. I discuss the characteristics of control and anxiety that aren’t typically identified.  Worry and anxiety shows up besides the obvious.  Insecurity can be triggered by another, making them feel anxious. Disagreements and/or arguments bring on anxiety. Assumptions and stories made in the mind from triggering. Control exhibited as a result – superiority, competition, having to be ahead. Trading in the fear for real contentment and peace and more !!
Thursday 3.4.21 ~ Episode 9: Out of control trying to get control? Pt. 1 – One of my favorite subjects! Because control is fear/ego driven detached from the love heart centered people they really are. Heart based living is my forté. People that are controlling are very afraid, unsure or insecure. Centered self control versus acting controlling. The word ‘control’ gets misused and abused when someone doesn’t like the truth another is speaking or devoted to and more!   
Tuesday 3.2.21 ~ Episode 8: So you don’t want to do people today ?? I talk about Life. Is. People, how you’re one, we’re one and what is sometimes at the root of no desire to interact or connect. Humans aren’t here to muddle through, tolerate each other or suffer through another’s presence. How to decipher social anxiety versus your own ‘stuff’. Being in your true source of power gives you the the control you want but seems to elude you and much more !!
Thursday 2.25.21 ~ Episode 7: Avoidance – The deceptive trap to false peace and how to get the REAL. I share on what is avoidance and it’s sister procrastination.  How and when it shows up and it’s affects on personal goals, relationships and relating.  Exposing the phrases, “out of sight out of mind”, “it is what it is” as a form of denial. Stepping up, showing up and being willing to deal when it seems or feels hard. The relief, freedom and light it brings and progression forward it yields.
Tuesday 2.23.21 ~ Episode 6: Thriving through life’s horrific challenges and the flow of forward perspective, present living, connections, dreams and more! Today I talked with my special guest, friend, peer and fellow Life Expanding Elevating Coach, Johrey Elizabeth Magdolyn. We share how we got connected, our soul’s survivals of gut wrenching experiences and thriving through it all. She shares her sacred personal experience and her perspective of that moment in time that didn’t define her life but moved her up and advanced her life. We spoke the power of present living,  dreams and the deep beyond. It’s some fun, some serious but completely engaging! 

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