Success & Client Feedback

Dawn listened not to just my words but into what I needed in a way that made things click for me to progress to achieving my own personal goals. I’m not just following the crowd but finding my own way, claiming my own and am very grateful to have had the time I had with her. Forever grateful.  DG, Physical fitness advocate, NJ 

Life coaches come and go. The ones you don’t want to let go are the real and true ones that are honest, upfront, and real. That is what you get from dawn. Nothing less! I am honored to be able to say she was my life coach. She is someone everyone should have a good dose of in their life! Thank you Dawn!! ~ Sara, Information Technology, MA

When it comes to coaches and consultants, it is not an easy thing to find one that genuinely aligns with the information they share. Often times, they might operate in such a way that they repeat something they’ve heard but not applied to achieve a desirable outcome. What I love about Dawn is her congruence with who she is through and through, and her application of her own principles. She is the real deal making a real and positive impact and the clients that are lucky to retain her.  ~ Brett Labit. Co-founder,  

At what I thought should be the peak of my life and career I found myself in a marriage with infidelity and addiction. I was broken to my core. Dawn assisted me through this and helped me change my perspective, how to grieve it through and get my self back. She understands the depth of real pain and just the right word and insight at the right moment and isn’t an average anything.  The person to go to for the breakthrough you need. ~ JTG, Hunterdon County, NJ 

I’ve been experiencing an inner conflict for a few years as it’s not quite an easy fix. Not having much success with past therapy I was skeptical but heard about Dawn’s approach so I reached out.  Have to say, I’ve not experienced insight as this. She helped restore a great sense of hope, made me feel better about me and that the life I want is in fact within reach. Progress made and very satisfied. W.L., Toms River, NJ

I became connected with Dawn in social media and followed her posts regularly. She addressed topics that resonated with me so I reached out but didn’t proceed with anything at first. After some consideration I chose her to work with me and in a short time of five sessions, she helped me realize what I needed and steered me towards a progressive path. I’m in a much happier and content place and would definitely recommend her. ~ ACK, TX

We found Dawn on Facebook and watched her live video in our newsfeed about communication. We had been struggling in our marriage having our own personal challenges and are a blended family unable to communicate productively.  Though we’ve consulted with other counselors and therapy, we appreciated Dawn’s positive fresh approach that has helped us in a unique and tremendous way.  ~  J & K, NJ

After a series of broken relationships and unnecessary pain, I found and reached out to Dawn for counsel and insight. She helped me identify what kept me attracting the same experience with different people. Dawn interrupted the pattern by directing me away from what others were doing, the lies I was believing and to heal past wounds that created those experiences. I truly feel more freedom and centered than ever, content with where I am and hopeful for a mutually loving relationship in the future.  I would recommend her to my closest friends and family! ~ Heather, IT, NJ  

Dawn is truly gifted and possesses amazing skills, intellect and passion to help unlock and achieve your ultimate potential within your heart and spirit. Her words are filled with truth, love and integrity.  She has inspired and encouraged me tremendously.  Thank you Dawn!  ~ L.F., Musician, NJ 

I have been on a path of self awareness for years but found myself a little stuck needing another shift. Dawn provided the insight I needed to help me to the next level and also spoke intuitively about personal things which encouraged me to proceed. She will be a beacon of light regardless of where you find yourself in life.  ~  Patrick, Engineer, NJ 

Compared to the counseling I’ve had in the past,  I’ve never experienced anything like this. Dawn hit the nail on the head and got right to the core issues I needed to address and work on for my progress and ultimate growth.  I highly recommend her! ~ Jessica D.,  NJ

“Dawn has touched my life over and over with her words. She has encouraged, inspired and been the image of love in it’s totality.  She recognizes the Oneness in all and her words of kindness and inspiration speaks directly to our hearts. This lady is simply amazing, this lady is on fire and is going places and more so than anything I am blessed to call Dawn Schale my precious friend. ”  ~ Lori Elliot, Shallotte, NC

"At a time in my life when I was lost, confused, and depressed I had already gone through 2 nervous breakdowns and heading towards another one when God sent me Dawn.  She helped me face my past, break my repeated patterns and lead me to my spiritual path, which in turn showed me the right path I was meant to be on all along. With her help and the grace of God-I am a truly happy person inside and out with overwhelming peace of mind."
~ Lisa Canavan, Reiki Practitioner, NJ 

“It is my distinct honor and privilege to share a few words of endorsement for my highly regarded friend and associate, Ms. Dawn Schale.  Concerning her recent contribution entitled “Living the Life Coach Culture” she delivered one of the most viewed articles of the year thus far.  Whether directly by phone, email, face-to-face contact or simply via a number of social media outlets, Dawn has been an engaged contributor like none other. In my professional opinion, Dawn brings a rare ingredient to any work/business or relationship environment, and that is passion.  Dawn is a very well rounded woman who has the natural ability to interact with most any cultural, business or social environments. Her communication skills along with her education and personable attitude make for a woman who will continually accomplish great thing in life. She certainly would be an asset to any opportunity which seeks to partner with someone with a great deal of character, integrity and determination to succeed.  I’m very thankful to have met Dawn and I am more impressed and proud of her with the highest industry standards of excellence.”  ~ Dr. John D. Lee, Th D. Founder, Exec Publisher Region Magazine

"As a Relationship Expert/Coach and social media associate of Dawn’s, she brings the element of wisdom and enlightenment to every inquiry and conversation.  Since interacting with her the past three years, her words have been highly appreciated and clarifying to those that have been struggling and seek answers and direction relationally.  Her participation is always a pleasure and presence warmly welcomed.  From this experience, if you’re seeking to move beyond your comfort zone and receive tools needed for your growth and forward movement, I highly recommend Dawn to assist and stand by you in your process and journey to your highest potential."  
 ~ Jonathon Aslay,  The Relationships Men Commit To and Why and Dating & Relationship Coach at

“Not just a pretty face but a beautiful mind exist in the package that we all passionately refer to as Dawn.One of the few guarantees I have in this “life” thing is that a conversation with Dawn is always sure to produce some new content and/or the experiencing of a new “Aha-Moment” for me. She never disappoints.  A rare talent she is from her top to her toes and it appears there are few things she doesn’t know when it comes to our inner light and external fight.  Even her name “Dawn” is related to a new day filled with new beginnings.  Definitely she is a welcomed connection and relationship that has managed to motivate, inspire, empower and educate me over the years and I’m confident your connection with her will undoubtedly yield similar results for you as well. Thanks Dawn, keep leaning forward and Making it GREAT. You ROCK (and roll).”   ~ Cedric R. Crawford Aka:   Author of: “Bread Crumbs to Making it GREAT”

“Dawn is a true trailblazer in a world of compromise, uncertainty and mediocrity. This woman’s remarkable personal journey and her commitment to settling for nothing less than authenticity makes for a powerful combination of leadership. She’ll deliver the real deal with no apologies, leave no stone unturned and you can be sure she’ll ignite your motivation to live your best life. If this is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.”   Karen B. Fitness Trainer, CA  

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